Adaptive Tennis Registration: ATHLETE participant




I hereby grant permission for the organization representatives to obtain medical care from any licensed physician or hospital should my child (or myself) become ill or injured while participating in league activities when neither parent nor guardian is available to grant authorization for emergency treatment.

I understand that appropriate behavior of players, coaches and/or officials is expected and violations may result in suspension from the program.

In consideration of my child (or myself) participation in the Dream Court program, I do hereby waive and release all rights and claims for damages sustained and suffered by my child or myself (and/or family) in connection with this association.

I understand that there will be media and promotional coverage of Dream Court practices and activities and I give consent to publish my child’s (or myself) name and picture for such purposes.

Additional Info

Address: Jessica Weyreuter
3027 Cloverdale Road
Montgomery, AL 36106



Phone: (334) 414-1980